Procrastination & 5 Helpful Tips!

So what is procrastination? Well, procrastination is when you are delaying something, or are not able to persuade yourself to do something. For me, its feels as though I have so many things to do, but I just don't want to do them. Is is that way for you too? So, how to avoid procrastination?… Continue reading Procrastination & 5 Helpful Tips!


Distance Learning

Effect on STUDENTS are :  Due to the increase in screen time, their eyes are severely harmed.They are stressed due to the inconsistent and unstable schedule, which also leads to physical and mental fatigue.Attention span is reducingPoor nutrition and education for students relying on free school meals.Students are burdened with a huge amount of syllabus… Continue reading Distance Learning

Book reviews

The Nightingale | Kristin Hannah

A story of love, bravery, friendship, and of course sisterhood. I absolutely loved the book! Granted, there were some parts which were a bit cruel for my liking, but nevertheless that was the truth, the cold, hard truth. SO, there is actually a LOT that I want to talk about, but I'm afraid of giving… Continue reading The Nightingale | Kristin Hannah


Fundraiser Update!

Hey there! As you must know, I recently started a fundraiser ( click here to know more ), and well, here is an update! I'm really glad to inform you that my fundraiser has reached its goal of raising 1 lakh rupees! The fact that we all were able to make a difference in the… Continue reading Fundraiser Update!


The Simplest Way To Explore // A Poem

Fluffy white balls jumble in the sky; but at an unrecognisable speed. All you need to do is close one eye; and you will have all the imagination you need. Draw in the nature's canvas; a single stroke could be enough. Even just a strand of a green grass; believe me, it's not tough. Faces,… Continue reading The Simplest Way To Explore // A Poem


Fundraiser – Education For Students During COVID-19

In one of my previous posts I wrote about how underprivileged children are struggling to continue with their education, specially during the present COVID -19 situation. Online education is the new normal in these times. This makes it difficult for underprivileged children to continue with their regular school learning. Well, I have decided that we… Continue reading Fundraiser – Education For Students During COVID-19


Forest Fires // A Short Poem

The last smoked fume rises into the sky, Dusk changes into dawn. It would have been the best time to be alive, Alas, humanity’s desires had covered it all.   It seemed to me, That the burnt wood wept. Heights, it was meant to see, But fate it had to accept.   The brown short… Continue reading Forest Fires // A Short Poem